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About Us

About us

At M-CARE Therapy, we strive to offer personalized services that will empower clients to fully engage and perform in their chosen daily activities and occupations.

M-CARE Therapy offers bilingual occupational therapy services in the National Capital Region and surrounding area, as well as in the Montreal and surrounding region, to clients ranging all ages including children, adults and older adults. We offer services in the client’s environment, whether at home, at the daycare, school or workplace. We focus on the individual’s strengths, their environment and the activities that define their life.

With the client, we aim to create a treatment plan that will enable them to fully participate in their chosen meaningful occupations and meet their desired objectives.

Our approach integrates therapy interventions to everyday activities to enable children, families and adults adopt new skills as part of their everyday reality. Our mission is to empower, engage and enable clients to actively participate in the constructs of their daily life.