Medical legal assessments

Providing highly qualified specialized care in medical-legal expertise

Our team of occupational therapists has extensive experience completing comprehensive functional occupational therapy assessments and medical legal assessments.

M-CARE provides comprehensive and detailed assessments of clients function, occupational performance and needs tailored to meet the unique needs for medical legal expertise.

Our team collaborates with lawyers and medical legal experts by providing objective assessments and recommendations related to clients’ function following a personal injury. We will evaluate and present clients’ ability to carry out their daily activities related to their self-care, productivity and leisure, as well as identify level of assistance and support required to perform in all areas.

Our occupational therapists understand that an injury or change in function can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to participate at their pre-injury level of function.

We understand that following an incident, accident or injury, clients have unique needs and require specialized attention, supports and resources. We are equipped to provide professional consultation, assessment and report that meet the demands of medical legal experts including cases related to motor-vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, workplace related accidents and medical malpractice.

Comprehensive and detailed assessment of clients’ occupational performance, pre-injury level of function and long-term functional needs.
Expert consultation to medical legal experts supported by experienced occupational therapists.
Expert witnessing on clients’ functional abilities following a personal injury.
Specialized support and professional consultation to clients, health teams and medical legal experts.
Comprehensive detailing of impact of personal injury on client function and highlighting of long-term level of needs.

At M-CARE client care is our priority

We provide excellence in our care

At M-CARE, we understand that clients who sustained a personal injury due to a workplace incident, motor-vehicle accident, slip and fall, or malpractice, may experience long-term effects and consequences.

Our team is highly qualified to complete comprehensive assessment of clients’ functional and long-term needs as a result of signifiant injury.

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