Workshops and Courses

We take pride in sharing our knowledge and expertise through courses, workshops and education seminars

Our clinic strives to empower our community, partners and clients through knowledge sharing and skill building to promote wellbeing and engagement in daily activities.

Our courses and workshops are carefully designed and tailored to meet your group’s learning needs and goals. We offer personalized content to daycares, schools, institutions, corporations and groups to promote wellness, function, skill building and overall participation in desired goals and activities.

Our courses, workshops and programs aim to disseminate, instil and implement strategies that will help stimulate, engage and develop ability by providing hands on content and key elements that target your goals.

Our courses, workshops and programs are available to groups of children and students in daycares and schools, to educators, health professionals and administrators, as well as to adults and older adults, employers and employees within a workplace setting.

Hands on workshops for children and teens for skill development and early intervention
Workshops for parents and educators to promote school readiness, success, and participation in daily activities
Workshops and program for group stimulation to promote childhood development
Workshops and programs for institutions, employers and organizations to promote wellness and safety in the workplace
Wellness workshops including: mental health awareness building and resources, safety, fall risks
Unique, professional and personalized content to meet your group’s learning goals
Hands on material, strategies and key elements ready for implementation
Expert content building based on best practice, recent research and studies

At M-CARE, we value knowledge sharing

We provide excellence in knowledge transfer and skill building

Education and empowering our clients and community to achieve wellness and wellbeing in their day to day is our top priority.

At M-CARE, we strive to share our knowledge and provide tools to our clients and partners to enable them to improve their ability to engage in the activities that are important to them. We understand that stressors, such as mental health risks, falls risks, or difficulties related to daily life such as planning, prioritizing amongst other factors can negatively influence one’s performance and participation in their daily activities.

Our experience has allowed us to share our knowledge and provide concrete strategies to enable and empower you to improve your overall health, wellbeing and ability to engage in your daily activities.

Do you have a topic in mind or would you like to learn more about our programs? Contact us to discuss your needs and goals.

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