Clinic, Corporate & Third Party Services

Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation

Our clinic provides professional consultation and support to other clinics, corporations and third party services.

We provide trusted, professional and personalized services to clinics, organizations and third party services. Our team will collaborate with you to identify the best occupational therapy resource that meets your needs.

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Consultation and corporate services for offices and businesses looking to integrate staff wellness programs and interventions, including ergonomics & mental-health
Consultation, replacement and services available to occupational therapy clinics and groups
Consultation, placement and services available to residences, hospitals and day programs
Occupational therapy representation for community-building and resource planning
Occupational therapy programs for groups, corporate team building and more
Personalized and customizable support based on your needs

At M-CARE your care is our priority

We provide the care you deserve

Is your clinic, group or institution looking for professional support and consultation with an occupational therapist?

Our team has built a solid reputation based on extensive knowledge, research and best practice guidelines and will seek to meet your care needs.

Contact us for additional information and to discuss your specific needs.

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