Professional Paediatric Care

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Our occupational therapists help children and teens of all ages to address difficulties they may be experiencing in engaging in their daily activities including those related to play, school work, leisure activities or family activities.

Occupational therapists can help children thrive in their daily function by providing strategies and tools for success to address difficulties in many areas including:

Play and/or socialization skills
Fine motor skills (ex.: tracing, coloring, handwriting)
Gross motor skills (ex. motor planning, ball skills, balance, coordination)
Visual perceptual skills (ex. copying shapes, letters, formulas)
Participation in daily activities (ex. self-care, dressing, self-feeding)
Executive function skills (ex. planning, organization, following a sequence, initiating tasks, time management)
Daily functioning and coping skills (ex. coping with symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression)
Sensory function skills (ex. processing of visual, auditory or other sensory stimuli and sensory regulation)

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Children who experience difficulties related to their physical, emotional, cognitive or environmental function may struggle with their participation in their meaningful activities including tasks related to school work or classroom activities, as well as engaging with their peers in their daily activities.

Our occupational therapists will work with children and teens in their home, daycare and school settings and will collaborate with their families, educators and health professionals to promote their success in attaining their therapy goals.

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