M-CARE Therapy Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists are regulated health professionals who aim to engage, empower and enable their clients to be able to complete their occupations and activities of daily living that they want, need and have to do.

Occupational therapists help and facilitate the process that lead individuals to being able to complete their everyday to do’s independently in an environment that fits within their abilities. Occupational therapists will work one on one with clients, their families and treating team to establish treatment goals and map out a plan that will allow for the attainment of therapy objectives.

What can Occupational Therapy do for me?

Occupational therapists can help individuals following a life-change, an injury, illness, or new diagnosis, by providing them with strategies and tools to be able to gain their ability to engage in meaningful activities and occupations.

Occupational therapists understand that part of living is being able to complete the things that have to be done (ex.: paying bills), need to be done (ex.: cleaning, laundry, meal preparation), and want to be done (ex.: gardening, playing a sport, socializing) in an environment that is fitting to their client’s abilities (ex.: accessible and barrier-free).

Occupational therapist will work with their clients to understand their unique occupations and activities, and together, and with their treating team, they will determine a plan that will facilitate goal attainment.

Occupational therapy interventions may include developing and learning a new skill or strategy, modifying and/or adapting the environment, to allow the individual to safely, confidently and independently complete the occupations that they have, need and want to do.

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