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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy engages, empowers and enables individuals to complete the occupations and activities that they want, need and have to do to the level of performance that is to the individual’s satisfaction and abilities.

Occupational therapists help and facilitate the process that lead individuals to being able to complete their everyday to do’s independently in an environment that fits with their abilities. Occupational therapists will work one of one with clients, with their families and/or employers/teachers to set out goals and map out a plan that will allow the individuals to attain their therapy objectives.

What can Occupational Therapy do for me?

Occupational therapy can help individuals following a life-change, an injury, illness, or new diagnosis return to their previously enjoyed activities and occupations. Occupational therapists understand that part of living is being able to complete the things that have to be done (paying bills), need to be done (cleaning, laundry, meal preparation), and want to be done (gardening, playing a sport, socializing) by individuals in an environment that is fitting to their abilities. To attain that objective, an occupational therapist will work with individuals to understand their unique occupations, what they enjoy to do and what they need to do and together, will map out a plan that will be adapted to the individuals’ needs.

Occupational therapy interventions may include developing and learning a new skill, modifying old ones and/or adapting the environment to allow the individual to safely, confidently and independently complete the occupations that they have, need and want to do.

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