M-CARE Therapy Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Services


Occupational therapy services may be covered by multiple funding agencies and sources. A number of third party insurers (ex.: personal or business insurance companies) and government funded insurers (ex.: provincial worker’s compensation or automotive insurance) fund occupational therapy services. Some programs may disburse the fees associated with your therapy directly to the company or refund you for the services received.

Third party insurers with occupational therapy coverage include:

Under your personal or business insurance coverage, you may also have access to a “Health Spending Account (HSA)”. The HSA allows you to access funds to disburse on any health services provided by regulated health professionals recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency. Ask your insurer about your HSA and how you can access these funds to cover for your therapy services. You may also contact us to help you identify funding sources at: info@mcaretherapy.com.

Provincial Government Insurance Agencies:

*Federal Health Benefits are also available through Non-Insured Health Benefits (NHIB) and for members of the RCMP, the Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada.
In addition, there are government programs for which you may be eligible to apply to receive funding for occupational therapy services or for equipment you may be recommended to acquire. These programs include: