M-CARE Therapy LTD

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Occupational therapists can help individuals who were involved in a motor vehicle collision regain their function and return to desired activities. Occupational therapists can work with your treating medical and legal team to complete a comprehensive functional occupational therapy assessment to determine needs and the impact of injuries on clients’ daily function. Occupational therapists can then work with clients and their team to develop a personalized treatment plan to help improve function and independence in daily activities.

We have experience working with individuals who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions and who have suffered from a number of injuries including orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, neurological injuries and traumatic brain injuries. We also have experience working with individuals who have suffered significant mental health trauma including post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression and anxiety disorders. We have experience helping clients improve their physical, cognitive and emotional function and helping them regain their independence to return to their previous activities and occupations. We have experience working with a number of local legal representatives and insurance companies and we are able to working with your treating team to provide occupational therapy services.

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