M-CARE Therapy Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation



Our occupational therapists can help adults and older adults to address difficulties they may be experiencing following an injury, change in their function or other barriers. Our team has worked with clients who were involved in work-related accidents, motor-vehicle accidents, or those who have had a change in their physical, cognitive or emotional function.

Occupational therapists help by providing strategies, solutions and access to resources to help adults and older adults maintain their independence and receive support by addressing issues they may be experiencing including:

  • Providing recommendations and adaptation to return to work following an injury or accident;
  • Physical injury (ex. musculoskeletal injuries, orthopedic conditions);
  • Cognitive or neurological changes (ex. symptoms resulting from brain injury, post-concussion, changes in attention, concentration, planning, organization);
  • Emotional trauma (ex. symptoms of anxiety, stress, fear of re-engaging in activities, avoidance);
  • Chronic pain;
  • Assessing their ability to perform their daily activities;
  • Enabling function and engagement in daily activities following a change in physical or emotional function (ex. mobility, pain, tolerance, mood, level of independence)
  • Promoting improved performance in daily activities by addressing executive function difficulties (ex. time management, planning, organization, etc.);

Our occupational therapists will collaborate with clients, caregivers and health professionals to promote wellness, safety and function. They can also help with exploring and accessing community resources such as adapted parking and transportation.

Unsure if a referral is needed? Contact us to receive a complementary phone consultation with an occupational therapist